Din 914

Din 9are screws with lengths precise and sharp, thanks to the hexagonal socket – Din 9socket set screws Arser. DIN 9- Hexagon socket set screws with cone point. Hex socket set screws with cone point.

Technical data of DIN 914. Az elemeket kizárólag nyomás irányú terhelésnek szabad alávetni, húzó irányban nem!

Alapanyag: Acél vagy nemesacél (A 2). Nemesacél (A2-70), csupasz. Cone point socket set screws have a hexagonal recess, driven using a hex wrench or insert bit. Socket grubscrews available in size from M1.

A light rounding-off or a countersink between the head and the hexagon socket is allowed. On request: M- MeMdiameters. FMV) im DIN Deutsches Institut fur Normung e. Rundung oder Ansenkung am.

CONE HEX SOCKET SET SCREW. Inventory Sold In Hundred Count (= 100pcs). Also known as a set screw, these headless types of screws have many uses.

This particular type has a hex socket drive, and a cone point on the opposite en . HERNYÓCSAVAR 8XAK DIN 914. Belső hatszöggel és kúpos csapvéggel. A menetes idomok húzásra nem vehetők igénybe.

Adjusting screws with hexagon socket and tip. Metric threa Astainless, DIN 914. Order today, track your order and receive your goods quickly with our speedy . We have the largest selection of cone point set screws suited for many industries including aerospace, defense, hardware and many more. Change the options below to customize the model for downloading.

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